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How To Change Led Flood Light Bulb?

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The Led flood light is a very useful lamp, but sooner or later, its light bulb will never light up again, which requires you to replace it with a brighter light bulb. You may encounter two problems while you are changing the light bulb, don't feel entirely comfortable on a ladder, or the fixtures that hold the bulb in place can be awkward to remove.

In truth, however, it's not a complex operation and there are ways to make changing a flood light bulb much easier.

1. About Bulbs

You need to keep an adequate number of spare bulbs around the home, so you won’t need to dash off to the hardware store to find a new flood light bulb when an old one burns out. Keep a variety of bulbs on hand because different fixtures will use different bulbs. Making a note of which fixture accommodates which bulb will make the job go easier. Make sure that the bulb is the correct wattage for the fixture before you screw it into place.

2. Changing the Bulb

Sometimes, a flood light bulb will simply screw out and you will only need to screw a new one in place. This is the best-case scenario, but it won’t always happen this way. Make sure the lights are off before you change a flood light bulb and that the old bulb has time to cool so that you can handle it without burning your fingers. Don’t turn the lights back on until the new flood light bulb is in place.

3. About better use of ladders

Last but not least. Before climbing, you need to make sure the ladder is safe.  Before you climb you need to make sure the ladder is secure. When you climb up to change the floodlight, this will stop it from swaying. The ladder should be long enough so that you can work comfortably without being on the top rung.

If you are using the step ladder, check to make sure the arms are properly separated and the support fully extended. The ladder needs to sit firmly on the ground. When you work, you should not stand at the top of the ladder to change the floodlight bulbs. If you are uncomfortable on the ladder, please work slowly. It is much better to spend more time than try to finish the work in a hurry.

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