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You can find our latest news here so that you understand the full range of our dynamic.

Product News

  • What Are the Advantages of Qinhan Led Floodlights?

    Qinhan  floodlights  use  Meanwell  driver,  we  provide  5-year  warranty,  and  these  Led  flood  light  can  be  used  in  wharf,  station,  square,  golf  course,  gymnasium,  building  landscape  and  so  on.  For  more  product  details,  please  rest  assured  to  contact  us.   Read More>

  • How Does The Led Street Light Work?

    The  LED  street  light  is  an  integrated  light  that  uses  light  emitting  diodes  (LED)  as  its  light  source.  These  are  considered  integrated  lights  because,  in  most  cases,  the  luminaire  and  the  streetlight  fixture  are  not  separate  parts.  In  manufacturing,  the  LED  light  cluster  is  sealed  on  a  panel  and  the   Read More>

  • What are LED Flood Lights?

    LED  flood  lights  have  many  different  lighting  fixtures.  The  article  will  explain  to  you  what  is  the  flood  lights,  types  of  flood  light,  etc.   Read More>

  • What Are the Advantages of LED Flood Light?

    In  the  past  few  years,  floodlights  have  become  the  first  choice  for  lighting  in  many  homes  and  commercial  real  estate.  Led  floodlights  have  changed  the  industry  to  some  extent  by  improving  lighting  and  usage.  Here  are  some  obvious  advantages  of  LED  flood  lights.   Read More>

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