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Product News

  • How Much Energy Does an Led Street Light Save Than Traditional Light?

    We all know that most of the street light in today's cities have been transformed from traditional street light to LED street lights, because LED street lights are more energy efficient and have better light efficiency. So, how much energy does LED street light save than traditional street lights?Th   Read More>

  • How to Pick UFO LED High Bay Light?

    UFO LED High Bay Light is a UFO disc-shaped LED luminaire system that includes in-built integral aluminum housing with optics that is especially integrated to maximize the equal distribution of light. Over the years, we have seen tremendous changes in the lighting sector and now people are consider   Read More>

  • Why Does The LED Flood Light Flash?

    We can see LED flood lights, whether in parks, squares, sports fields or airports, the LED floodlights are everywhere. Sometimes we would see some flood lights flashing. Why does the LED flood light flash? Today we will talk about this topic.   Read More>

  • How To Change Led Flood Light Bulb?

    The Led floodlight is a very useful lamp, but sooner or later, its light bulb will never light up again, which requires you to replace it with a brighter light bulb. You may encounter two problems while you are changing the light bulb.   Read More>

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