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What Are the Advantages of LED Flood Light?

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What Are the Advantages of LED Flood Light?

In the past few years, the LED flood light has become the first choice for lighting in many homes and commercial real estate. Led floodlights have changed the industry to some extent by improving lighting and usage. 

Here are some obvious advantages of LED flood lights.

1. High light

The white light produced by the led flood light is very similar to sunlight and can be used in dark stadiums to brighten all areas and provide visibility in the sun. Besides, Led lamps can use less energy to produce more light, which means high power LED flood light are brighter than other lights.

2. Less energy with less electricity

One of the main advantages of Led floodlights is their high luminous efficiency. About 80% of the energy of the led lamp produces light, while the other energy is only 20 cents, such as heat. If you use led as a home light instead of an incandescent bulb, you can save a lot of .led floodlights over other lights not only can be seen as numbers on paper, but also as electricity and electricity cuts.

3. Long lifetime

The life of led bulbs is much longer than that of other types of bulbs. If you use led lights as house lights and they don't keep on, a bulb can live for as long as 20 years. Generally, the average life of led bulbs and diodes is 50000 hours, with a maximum of 100000 hours, so the 

4. High quality

LED flood lights are usually of good quality and high durability, they come with different safety and protection covers, and many lamps are waterproof. Led floodlights can withstand more complex weather conditions, such as storms, rain, snow, hail, etc..

5. No toxic substance

Environmentally friendly Led lamps do not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury or other harmful substances. Mercury is very toxic to human health and harmful to the environment. Led lamps are also recyclable. More than 95% of led bulbs can be recycled.

6. Low costs on maintenance and replacements

Long life means that you may not have to worry about replacing bulbs for many years, durability and quality mean that led bulbs are durable, longer and harder to break in more extreme weather or other conditions, and efficiency helps to extend their service life. Save you more extra expenses.

7. Direct light and no warming up period

The flash of light in the Led floodlight produces direct light, which means that the light is focused in a particular area rather than sprinkled in other directions. The led light is immediately turned on in nanoseconds, allowing maximum brightness to be achieved very quickly, and can be turned on and off repeatedly without affecting the quality and lifetime of the led bulb.

8. Resistant to low and high temperatures

Led flood lights can still work at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Different from other lamps, LEDs are stable and can work normally under colder conditions. If you need a good outdoor LED flood light to work and live in cold places all year round, be sure to choose the led floodlight..

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