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What Are the Advantages of Qinhan Led Floodlights?

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LED flood light adopted optical light distribution, that is no glare, no light pollution, highly directional light and more even luminous beam.

1. High bright imported Lumileds LED chips

Led flood light with good heat dissipation, low light depreciation, pure light color, no double-shadow High intensity, high resistance of shock or vibration etc.

2. Universally wide range voltage (100-305V/AC)

Led flood light advanced constant-current driver be used which can start quickly, be high safety and reliability.

3. Unique heat sink design

Led flood light perfectly combine with power box, effects transmit the heat, such lowering the body's temperature, ensure the life of LED chip and power driver.

4. Surface treatment

Led flood light static sprayed leading to better heat-resisting, high weather resistance, corrosion resistant, water proof and dust proof.

5. All the leakage screw material is 304 stainless steel, and frame is hex screws.

6. waterproof and dust proof

Led floodlight Sealed by reliable silicone rubber, can bear heat above 150, no aging, good sealing of lamp, waterproof and dust proof.

7. Energy saving

Led floodlight use high power LED and it is equipped with imported high efficient power, save more than 70% energy compare with sodium lamp.

Qinhan floodlights use Meanwell driver, we provide 5-year warranty, and these Led flood light can be used in wharf, station, square, golf course, gymnasium, building landscape and so on. For more product details, please rest assured to contact us.

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