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What are LED Flood Lights?

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What is the LED flood lights?

LED flood lights are classified into landscape lighting fixtures. LED flood lights can bedefined as high-intensity, broad beamed artificial lights which are often used to illuminate outdoor areas and all types of building lighting. Normally, LED flood bulks are applied in playing fields while a sports event is being held during low light conditions.They can also be used during an outdoor environment where requires a lot of lighting. For example in a series of historical constructions, LED flood lights are largely used to present the glorious view at night.

There are also different types of bulbs used in floodlights:

This type of lighting uses different types of light bulbs or lamps. The most common use of halogen lamps or CFL bulbs. These are the lowest prices, but they need to be replaced frequently.

The newest and most popular type of lighting used is LED.  This type of bulb emits a cool and strong light.

There are many types of floodlights. 

The most common type is incandescent. These are mainly used for residential purposes, in a variety of sizes, colors and watts. Energy-saving sodium floodlights and metal halide floodlamps are common in commercial and industrial environments. These are very cost-effective and continue to help companies save money for a long time. Solar floodlights are another option. These floodlights use sunlight as a source of power. They are ideal for driveway lights and are very cheap to operate. Solar-powered floodlights usually have sensors that detect light so that it is turned on only when needed.

Some benefits of Flood Lights are:

1. Very safe when compared to other lights

2. Durable

3. No need of much maintenance 

4. Led flood lights produce bright white light

5. Saves Energy than other lights

6. Emits very low heat

7. Replacement cost is very low

8. No need to worry during temperature or weather changes

9. No toxic materials used

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