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Why Does The LED Flood Light Flash?

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Why Does The LED Flood Light Flash?

We can see LED flood lights, whether in parks, squares, sports fields or airports, the LED floodlights are everywhere. Sometimes we would see some flood lights flashing. Why does the LED flood light flash? Today we will talk about this topic.


Firstly, let's talk briefly about how LED flood lights work.

The general LED flood light is composed of a shell module, a led board module and a constant current driving power supply. Mains supply input to the driving power supply, after the conversion of the internal circuit of the constant current driving power supply, a constant current is output to the LED circuit board, finally the LED floodlight is normally work.


From the above, the reasons for the flashing of the LED flood light may be analyzed:

1. The mains voltage is unstable and does not meet the input voltage requirement;

2. The drive power is damaged, then the output current does not meet the requirements of the LED circuit board;

3. LED light source on the LED circuit board module are damaged.


With the continuous improvement of industrial technology, high-voltage transformer equipment technology is quite mature, so the mains voltage we can use is generally stable.


The LED circuit board can only work normally if it receives a stable and meets the required current. In this process, in the case that the mains supply is stable and the LED light source is in the service life, the work of driving the power supply plays a decisive role. We know that there are many brands of power supplies on the market, and the quality is quite different. If the LED flood lights use a poor quality power supply, the stability of the current output of the power supply will not be guaranteed, if the LED circuit board receives an unstable current, it will cause the flood light to bs flash.


If the light source on the board is damaged or its life span is over, it may cause flicker. Nowadays, there are a lot of brands of LED light source. If you use inferior LED light source, the probability of damage will increase and the service life will be relatively short. Therefore, when buying LED flood lights, we must choose A well-known and reliable quality LED light source brand.


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